Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The times they are a changin'

I have two things to write about today. Two subjects that I feel merge into one.

1.) The Little One, being the eldest is, as you would expect, quite proficient in all aspects of optics, particularly in regard to polarized lenses.

2.) Idyllic and pastoral as tummy mountain is, we keep an eye on the current state of things in the world at large, and feel compelled occasionally to move with the times.

Thus The Little One has made a pair of glasses for "Little One" (pictured below.) So now when we enter the wide world she can also view one of these new fashioned 3d movies.

"Little One" created by Tiddlywinks
"Little One" is wearing a lavender nightie designed by Nanna

"Little One" is sporting a pair of 3d glasses by The Little One

I am hoping that these lenses have not been made with Professor Manatee's spectacles. I really do.


Lizzie said...

The Little One is obviously a highly skilled designer already. She must inherit her ingenuity from her parents - or her Nanna.
I wouldn't think that Manatee would care if she used his glasses - after all, it was proved that he made it all up anyway. He's probably moved on from there by now - perhaps swimming goggles are more his thing nowadays.

humel said...

I think I need to borrow Manatee's spectacles. Then I might have realised sooner that blogger ate your blog from my blog roll. (Unless maybe it was the crabs that ate it?)

It's good to be back :-)

TummyMountain said...

The little ones are glad that you are back with helpful advice that they don't listen to. They don't listen to mine either. Oh well...