Friday, July 30, 2010

some more words

The little ones were playing with some small dolls. The dolls were taking an imaginary walk in a forest. As part of the story Wee Tiny said "then they met a big scary frog!"
And Wee Small shouted "No! Then they met Yellow Mellow P!"
At that point the little ones screamed.

I suppose I would too if I was in the forest and met the letters "L,M,N,O,P."


humel said...

You have to be so careful with that alphabet. Some of it is just CD. (I don't know Y.)

Numbers are worse, though. Did you know that 7 8 9?

Martha said...

I thought the little girls I watch said the doll was "Peed her pants girl," but it was only Tinkerbell.

Shraddha said...

How cute! And I love humel's comment above. :D