Saturday, July 10, 2010

Regarding the Importance of Names

When you are very small you may have a toy duck, and it's name may be "duck."
When you are a wee bit older a toy duck may be called "Lucy."

Wee Small is somewhere in between and she has a family of toy hedgehogs.

She was telling me their names.

"This one is called "Hedgehoggy" and this one is called "Hedgehoggin" and this one is called "Hedgehoggshia" and this one is called "Hedgehogroller" and this little one is called "Sneakhedgy"


Lizzie said...

Wee Small seems to have it all worked out. Those names seem very sensible and useful. I'm sure the hedgehog family are glad they have names that tell everyone who they are and what they are like.
Wee Small is a sensible girl.
My son had a toy ant - one of those plastic inflatable toys. It had only 4 legs though, but otherwise it looked like a shiny, translucent yellow bug. With the same purpose in mind as Wee Small, he named it "Bugger". His toy hedgehog was called "Fook" - we think he believed it was a fox... however it produced a few raised eyebrows when people asked him "What's it's name?"!!

TummyMountain said...

I think I have hurt myself laughing!

Lizzie said...

Sorry, I will try to keep my toy-naming stories to myself in future.. can't have you injured!