Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a few words

Wee Little is very little. She is just beginning to talk. She only has a few words and she uses them very effectively.

One word is "mine." Of course anything she can see is "mine." Needless to say everything is "hers." My particular favourite items that she owns are the things she sees when we travel away from tummy mountain. Like trucks. Every time she sees a truck her eyes light up and she bellows "mine!"

Two other words are "I not." These are used whenever she is doing something she shouldn't be doing. To be fair to her she is so little that she hasn't quite learnt that drawing on the couch and then watering it are not, well, not really allowed.


humel said...

When you only have a few words, it is important to make sure they cover as many eventualities as possible. Perhaps, in time and with encouragement, 'not mine' could be added to the range?

Martha said...


It is good she has a few words to practice with. Has she added "no" to the repertoire?

TummyMountain said...

"not mine" would be very helpful - we really don't have the space for all the things she owns.

If you call lips pursed together tightly and vigourous shaking of the head sideways a "no" - then I would say "yes"

Tabby Talk said...

"I not" - I have some nieces that know these words too.

Too cute !!