Sunday, June 6, 2010

starving artist

I was woken up by Wee Tiny who informed me she needed food as she is a great artist.
Blearily I peered at her.

"I need food in my tummy or I'll only draw scribbles." she explained.

I complied promptly with her wishes as I was not alert yet, and hadn't noticed that it was still dark.

What great art would be started while it is still dark?
The answer can only be a masterpiece.


Martha said...

Word verification- "morkers"

Is this what the starving artist uses to make masterpieces?

humel said...

Like Van Gogh's Starry Night :-) I wonder what he'd eaten before creating that masterpiece?

Creating masterpieces WITH food is an altogether different skill. As is creating masterpieces from scribbles. Perhaps Wee Tiny could explore these avenues also.

Lizzie said...

Try telling Wee Tiny that Great Artists usually paint to take their minds off the hunger in their tummies...

Maybe you'll get a bit more sleep then (well a few more minutes, while she considers this).