Friday, May 7, 2010


Sometimes leading a life of leisure on tummy mountain requires taking a break and leading a life of leisure on vacation somewhere. So the little ones and I have gone north to where the sun shines and the swimming pool is the only place that the very small wish to be.

Sure the little ones have had to experience holiday hardships; walking around endlessly at the markets, having a yukky meal somewhere where the food doesn't taste the same as at home and hasn't been cut into the right shapes, and even gazing pointlessly as the sunsets behind the mountains creating dazzling golden reflections in the ocean.

They face those difficulties bravely until they can return to splashing in the pool - which is what vacation is really about.


Lizzie said...

It's good that the Little Ones are doing so well at coping with the harder aspects of a holiday. I hope they enjoy their splashing in the pool - and that you do too!

humel said...

Leisure must always be earnt - it's only right and proper that the little ones should endure some hardships first, they will appreciate the splashing far more that way.

Shraddha said...

I agree with Humel's comment above. We usually appreciate the good only after we experience the not-so-good. :)

TummyMountain said...

Such hardships they had to endure. Waiting until "after breakfast" rather than "before breakfast" for instance.