Thursday, April 22, 2010


"I wonder what stars eat when they are hungry?" I mused out aloud.

Wee Small was ready with an answer. Her eyes and mouth opened wide as she yelled happily "They eat the sky!"

I could see The Little One bristling out of the corner of my eye. Being the eldest she felt some need to further clarify the technicalities of the star digestive system.
"It sucks in air and breaths out craters" she stated. This was accompanied by hand movements to demonstrate.

From down on the floor a little voice was heard. It was Wee Tiny and she said “porridge."


humel said...

Porridge sounds safest. If too much sky is eaten we get black holes. The air and craters aren't so bad (and clearly explain our pock-marked moon) but I think we should all encourage the stars to eat more porridge.

Lizzie said...

I hope the stars don't eat too much sky. I don't like black holes - and I'm sure the stars don't want to have to see the dentist.
Porridge is definitely the way to go - Wee Tiny is very wise.

Martha said...

Dining with the stars...

(Has a rather nice ring to it, yes?)

TummyMountain said...

...and maybe we can plug up the black holes with the left over porridge to avert cataclysmic cosmic calamities in our very own solar system