Saturday, April 10, 2010


After two weeks away from tummy mountain I returned late of an evening when all the little ones were asleep. None were up to greet me except for a very stern chap with glasses on. Closer inspection revealed it to be none other than Manatee. He looked at me sternly once more, letting the glasses drop just a touch so I could gaze directly into his eyes and register his disapproval of the hour. It seems he is now Professor Manatee. He was doing a light bit of research and I had disturbed him. A lot can change in two weeks.

I put my bags down quietly, but knocked over some books loudly. I glanced nervously back at Professor Manatee. He stared back at me, quite annoyed now. Uncanny - it was like he had not even moved.

This just couldn't be right. This couldn't be the care-free and fun loving Manatee I had left behind two weeks ago. I nonchalantly pretended to unpack for a few moments, then sprang on him while his guard was down and tore the glasses off his face!

Aha! 3d glasses! So he had been to the movies! He hadn't done a Diploma of Seaweed! He was masquerading as a professor! He was looking a bit sheepish now for an underwater mammal.

"I think we may have to deal with this in the morning," I said waggling the finger at him.

He still hadn't moved, and I could tell he cared not a fig for what I thought.


Lizzie said...

I suppose you can't really blame Manatee for trying to impress you. From his point of view, your life may look very exciting. Perhaps he was hoping that, if you thought he was clever, you might ask his advice, or even take you with him next time.

humel said...

Perhaps his studies are in the area of 3d films, with a dissertation on those about seaweed?

Martha said...

Never trust a manatee wearing glasses.

TummyMountain said...

Oh I can assure you Manatee leads a life full of adventure. He cares nothing for the life I or anyone else leads. This is not selfishness or malice, he is just to busy with his own.

I think his studies have been proven to be false, made up, a tissue of lies, and he is unrepentant as well.

Which does of course lead to trust. Can one trust a Manatee wearing glasses?