Sunday, March 21, 2010


Wee Small, shall we say, has a more boisterous and exuberant, even rowdier temperament, than The Little One. And occasionally friction occurs.

The Little One, being the eldest, has recourse to more means of diplomacy than Wee Small. So when the need arises she can take steps to avoid possible confrontations of an unsavoury nature.

Thus this sign I found this morning that The Little One has written for Wee Small.

manatee, the co-accused

It is a pity that Wee Small cannot read.


humel said...

I'm sure that The Little One has plans for teaching Wee Small to read - The Boy taught his younger sibling The Girl to read by means of similar signs: 'Do Not Waik Me Up Befor 7 Oh Clok', 'No Gerls Aloud', 'Keep Owt' and such like.

Lizzie said...

Perhaps Manatee can help Wee Small to read the sign? Im sure he wouldn't want to be responsible for an Unpleasant Confrontation.

Katie said...

This is good stuff. I, too, need a sign like that.