Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Little Ones Busy Day

Sometimes the little ones leave tummy mountain and come with me to places of work, offices where they engage in activities that they describe as helpful.

Such as;

Interrupting the General Manager to ask for a pencil sharpener.
Drawing butterflies all over the whiteboard of critical dates, staff and project movements.
Running up and down the stairs screaming.

The little ones presence is appreciated by all. Sure they stop all work, but they bring with them a joy of spirit needed in all offices.


Lizzie said...

Every office needs to have some Little Ones visiting from time to time. Offices are very boring places. Big Ones get very dull. They need Little Ones to cheer them up.
Work is not as important as being happy. Little Ones know this. They also know that Big Ones are forgetful.

humel said...

Where I work it's the Big Ones who run up and down the stairs screaming... My colleagues claim that spirits, rather than spirit, is what's needed.

Me? I just keep drawing those butterflies :-)

Martha said...

Do the little one enjoy grocery shopping also?

TummyMountain said...

Yes the little ones love grocery shopping! Many adventure there!

The little ones may have to go professional and offer their "consulting services" to workplaces. They could do seminars on "spinning around in your chair" and "singing loudly in quiet offices" amongst others.