Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Little Ones Busy Day

Sometimes the little ones leave tummy mountain and come with me to places of work, offices where they engage in activities that they describe as helpful.

Such as;

Interrupting the General Manager to ask for a pencil sharpener.
Drawing butterflies all over the whiteboard of critical dates, staff and project movements.
Running up and down the stairs screaming.

The little ones presence is appreciated by all. Sure they stop all work, but they bring with them a joy of spirit needed in all offices.

Monday, February 15, 2010

mystery flavours

I made a roll today for Wee Small. She wanted tuna, lettuce, and tomato and actually ate it. I was impressed.

"Did it taste good?" I asked.

"Yes. I put it in a big puddle and ate it."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

the four winds of antiquity

In classical literature one finds references to the four winds of antiquity. The north wind,Boreas, bringer of cold, others of Zephyrus the bringer of spring.

Here are the six winds of tummy mountain:

Old Murky: bringer of dust.

The Rattler: shaker of windows, blower of washing off the line, absconder of small light toys and paintings of horses, destroyer of cubby houses.

Icky Coldy: keeper of little ones inside, destroyer of fun

Mister Gusty: bringer of frolicsome joy, jumps with kittens, bringer of giggles

Mrs. Squalls: deliverer of puddles, tugger of umbrellas

Wee Breezee: tickler of ears, ruffler of hair

Sunday, February 7, 2010

recipe of the day

Wee Small does not have a teddy bear, or a doll. She does not want one. Wee Small has a Manatee. He is very round and very cuddly and his name is Manatee.

Manatees graze on sea grass.
Being on tummy mountain we do not have sea grass readily available, yet Wee Small has solved this problem.

recipe of the day

"Breakfast for Manatee"

ingredients: dried seaweed (nori for sushi)

1. tear up seaweed into itty bitty shreds getting on clothes and floor and kitchen.
2. put remaining bits of seaweed into a bowl
3. carry bowl to table leaving a trail of seaweed through the house.

serves 1 Manatee

Thursday, February 4, 2010

when one returns

I wandered away from tummy mountain for a couple of nights as the needs and pressures of reality demanded me to do so.

On my return, as I crossed the river and wandered back into the foothills, I could see the little ones playing in a cardboard box. Today the cardboard box was a car. It wasn't moving very far, or at all, but it's occupants were very happy shouting at the top of their lungs' capabilities "DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE... "

They told me they had invented a dee dee car and it ran on dee dee dee, not petrol. Once again the little ones have proved to me that their scientific minds are not limited to forms of energy that one would readily expect for an alternative fuel source.

I left them, in a field, not moving, in a car running on sound.