Wednesday, May 27, 2009

historical accuracy

The little ones have just found their family tree. They know it is theirs as it is very large and very round.

Sometimes they spend hours researching particular branches of their genealogy in pursuit of the strictest accuracy.

Sometimes there are amendments to be made when there are recent additions to their ancestral data.

Monday, May 25, 2009


The light bulb just blew. This begins an old and familiar ritual here on tummy mountain. 

1. The old light bulb is removed.
2. I walk with Wee Tiny down the hall.
3. I pick Wee Tiny up and show her the drawer full of new light bulbs.
4. Wee Tiny laughs at them and says "silly light bulbs"
5. I change the light bulb

It is important to stick to traditions and rituals.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

custom tummy

Occasionally somebody likes to see their very own little ones on tummy mountain. So they write a little letter to me about doing their own painting. 

First we have a wee cup of tea and chat about their little ones. These ones loved reading books, so I started sketching some little thumbnails.

Some of these little ones were having some big adventures within the pages of the books.

The cute close up of them reading the same book was chosen.

 Maybe they could be in an urban park. Maybe not.

Then I drew the sweeties up on the watercolour paper...

...and finally they are painted.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have made an origami whale for Wee Small. She is now asking me which is my favourite song that she sings as she plays with the whale.

Do I like "whale, whale, whale"

or do I like "whale, whale, whale"

Both songs are identical. I choose "whale, whale, whale"

She says that is good because that's the one the whale likes her to sing as the whale swims along.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I was too tired to tell a bedtime story to Wee Small, so she told me one instead. It was about a zebra that swam to tummy mountain. She was the only zebra in a jungle full of wildebeest and angler fish. I don't know how someone so small can even know about wildebeest and angler fish, let alone cast them as the evil villains in this story. 

Wee Small, being wee and small, has yet to learn the art of editing.

"...and it was a zebra and it had stripes and the stripes were on the zebra and she was walking on the footpath in the jungle and there was a tree and another tree and an even bigger tree..."

I have to say I dozed off at this point.

And isn't that what bedtime stories are for?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Wee Small was telling Wee Tiny which letters made sounds.
Wee Small said "'N' makes a 'neh' sound like in 'no,'  and 'U' makes a 'yuh' sound like in 'yes.'
Wee Tiny asked her "Do you know which letter makes a 'meh' sound?"
Wee Small said "Yes, it's 72."

Thursday, May 7, 2009

daddy long legs?

Daddy long legs has been crawling up the wall making slow progress. The cat has been watching his progress with too much interest. The cat has now been picked up and taken outside. The cat is telling us a tale of woe and misery from the back door. The tale plumbs the depths of sadness to the long empty plains of misunderstanding.

Wee Tiny has noticed that Daddy Long Legs is carrying something. An egg sac larger than his own body. Maybe he isn't Daddy Long legs after all.

Monday, May 4, 2009


I have been lying in bed all a-sniffles with the sun streaming in the window. Occasionally I moan when I require pampering. 

It is now time to return to my roles and responsibilities on tummy mountain.

In the meantime Little Boy from Yonder Valley has broken his toe. The facts surrounding this dramatic event are a bit obscure, but what I can ascertain is that it involved a billy cart,  a cape, and the nozzle off the water pump. He has been away recovering. 

The little ones decided to make a welcome home party for him. So much effort went into it and as the sun began to set it seemed like the guest of honour would not be coming. It was time to come inside.

Later in the darkness we could hear Little Boy! He had arrived. He wasn't going to let the night and the damp spoil his welcome home party - and maybe it was better and more exciting by candle light.