Sunday, November 22, 2009

too hot

It's too hot today.
To get all stroppy and technical about it, it's 41° Celsius or 106° Fahrenheit.

Which is just too hot for all the tiny ones on tummy mountain. And too hot for the not so tiny ones as well.

The Little One has discovered the tape measure, and is measuring everything, and giving us regular updates on how tall, long or short everything is. I cannot imagine that I will need or even be able to recall any of this knowledge in 10 minutes time. I think if it isn't too hot for measuring, then it is too hot for the regular updates at least.

Wee Small is babbling incessantly. It's definitely too hot to be babbling incessantly. Earlier today she did this to an apple:

"I did it with my nails" she said.

Bring on another storm.


humel said...

Sounds too hot for me, for sure :-( And I'm not so small but not so very big either....

Liking the apple art :-)

Martha said...

I like the apple art too.

106 degrees sounds like Popsicle weather. I think I would be feeling like one right about now if it were not for the fact that I live in the northern hemisphere.

TummyMountain said...

Hi Humel and Martha,

It was way way too hot. I had made some mango ice blocks for them, but they were soon gone.