Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stop Press: Little Ones See the Future

Many people from all the four corners of tummy mountain have thrown their arms up in the air at the astonishing news just in today. It appears that the little ones have hitherto unexpected accurate powers of precognition, or to put it in good old fashion plain speaking English - they can see the future.

Independent observers were astounded when Wee Small announced that in March 2010 she would go "walking with sticks." Scientific analysts were amazed at Wee Tiny's ability to forecast that sometime in April 2010 she would "dance with some rabbits."

Tummy mountain officials in black suits and sunglasses have documented all the predictions in a calendar, with some artistic impressions of each future event in chronological order, to see whether the little ones' pronouncements will come to pass, or fall by the wayside like so many other flash in the pan hoaxes of the past.

Despite the cynical scepticism of the bureaucracy, on the auspicious date of November 18 journalists from Etsy reported these amazing abilities, but due to my inadequate grasp of what is happening right now (let alone the future, or indeed the past) I was unable to document with strict historical accuracy the news as it broke on the front page of Etsy. Other alternative agencies verified the broadcast as seen here thanks to Craftcult.


Lizzie said...

Glad it made the Front Page! Waiting for my copy with much anticipation. Will have a Special Space for it on the wall above my new desk.
I will watch out for updates on the predictions...

TummyMountain said...

The boffins in the lab are very pleased that you have signed up as an independant observer in this dubious venture comprising of hocus pocus and flim flammery that the little ones have engaged on. We may just find that these future predictions are just nonsense. But imagine if this were not the case. Could it possibly be that they have a process of moving backwards and forwards through time in much the same way as they move backwards and forwards on the swing set?