Saturday, November 28, 2009

science facts: the smaller they are...

...the earlier they wake up.

Then due to the inverse properties of the Wee Tiny Law of Wakefulness, one must also be awake with them to listen to the dawn chorus of cicadas.

Some people would be watching the softly changing pink sky with splashes of cream on the clouds with delight. But my eyes are welded shut, only bleariness enters them at this time. My eyes refuse to work until it is a respectable hour. Like 10:30am.

So it's just the ears that function in the sensory department at this stage. They are doing their bit for the team "shoulder to the grindstone, all hands  now" and other such marvellous phrases of communal "pulling together" under dificult circumstances. The body hears the call of the ears and grumbles '"Oh alright then" and shuffles about looking for a teapot using the arms, without the guide of the eyes. The eyes dismiss all that caring and sharing nonsense with a curt "no." The eyes are the aristocrats of the body.

There is a lot of social politics involved in today's science lesson.


Lizzie said...

Oh I remember the Wee Tiny Rule! I remember the crawling around with eyes shut, brain numb and body shouting for more sleep! At least our "Wee Tiny" is now big enough to be awake on his own without requiring the rest of the universe to join in.

TummyMountain said...

It is a crazy test of endurance. In some ways it is a good thing. Who knows what craziness the little ones would get up to without half asleep grumpy supervision.