Monday, November 16, 2009

rescue mission

The Little One, being the eldest, is far more capable of certain tasks and applying herself than, let's say, Wee Small who tends to crush and break things, then yell at the remains. They say that sometimes little children love things too much. Oh well.

One day when The Little One went out to play she found a butterfly all fresh out of the cocoon drying it's wings in the air and all ready for it's first flight. Unfortunately the ants had found the butterfly too.

The Little One rescued the butterfly, made a nice little home for it with food and all and left it in a nice place outside to recover away from the ants. Which the butterfly did and flew away.

I said to her " You rescued that butterfly you know. The ants would have eaten it."
"Of course they would," she replied "The ants were hungry. I could see that selfish look on their faces."

It was hard to remain composed after that statement.