Tuesday, November 3, 2009

other worlds

Sometimes when I am cooking up some soup for the wee tinies I will ask The Little One, she being the eldest and most responsible, if she could gather some ingredients from the vegetable patch. She'll stop whatever she is doing and go out and do this for me. She has always been happy to do this. And now I know why.

Last night I went with her and discovered a whole new world on tummy mountain that I was unaware of. With her little lamp in hand that bobs along leaving a pool of light glowing around her feet she is joined first by a mysterious cat - huge fat and black, that runs around and pounces on her, runs off into the darkness, returns and pounces on her again. He is playing some kind of game on his own. Who could understand the imaginings of this night predator. The Little One says hello but is barely deflected on her way to the vegetable patch.

The cat slinks off into the night, and almost immediately the happy "voot voot" noises of the bandicoots start up again. Their little shadowy bodies scurry about as they snuffle and happily dig up the front lawn looking for grubs. Voot.

When she reaches the vegetable patch The Little One says hello to all the snails that have come out to eat our vegetables. They are her little friends and she has a wee talk to them as she gathers some spinach. She helps the occasional straggler straight onto a tomato plant. It is their food first and foremost, we are just borrowing some leaves of spinach. Satisfied that everyone is happy she heads back inside.

On her way back everything that happened before happens again, just in reverse order.


lyptis said...

Cute! Sounds like quite an adventure to pick some vegies in the garden!

debs14 said...

What a lovely picture this blog entry paints!

TummyMountain said...

Thanks lyptis and debs