Tuesday, November 24, 2009

not hot at all.

I was lying in the shade under a tree, even though the weather had changed from what meteorologists technically describe as "outrageous" to "balmy, with light zephyrs."

Wee Small marched up to me and said "It's tomorrow!"

I don't know how she works that one out. It certainly had me puzzled. If it was tomorrow then what was I doing now?


humel said...

Glad it's no longer way too hot :-)

Hope you're still enjoying such treats as frozen mangoes though?

And I agree, it IS tomorrow. It is yesterday's tomorrow. And also tomorrow's yesterday. And today's today. All at once.

Lizzie said...

Wee Small is very wise...

Martha said...

I always told mine "maybe tomorrow..."

TummyMountain said...

Hi Humel, Lizzie, and Martha,

It is all part of the "Wisdom of Wee Small" - delivered with a hearty and hefty yell at close proximity.