Monday, November 30, 2009


The Little One, being the eldest, feels compelled to offer her advice and expertise to Wee Small about her Christmas list. The Little One seems to think that Santa may not understand what all Wee Small's scribbles are.

She had this sage piece of wisdom to offer.

The Little One: You should get someone to write it for you.

Wee Small looks sullen. She likes writing in her own invented alphabet of up and down scribbles.

The Little One: Last year I drew a picture of a sewing machine, but because I could not write "sewing machine" I didn't get one. Santa did not know what it was. It looked like a bus stop.

Wee Small: Did you get a bus stop for Christmas?

The Little One: No, I didn't.

(Well I personally think one should be able to spell "sewing machine" before being let loose on one. )


humel said...

Santa is very clever and can interpret all kinds of languages, even Melsh. I'm sure he could cope with Wee Smallsh.

Unfortunately, he is clever enough to know that certain wished-for items are not necessarily the best gift. Hence the lack of bus stop. I think.

TummyMountain said...

Yes I am not quite sure what the little ones would do with a bus stop on tummy mountain