Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Up along the ridge to the west of tummy mountain is a farm that has some very small ponies. I was not aware that ponies came in that size. Were I to saddle up and mount the pony I am sure I would still be standing on the ground.

And so if I could not be carried along by this tiny horse, maybe I could carry it along in my arms instead, like a wee baby, taking it to different parts of the paddock and letting it snuffle the flowers.

The Small One told me I was silly.

Yet times change and with the onset of spring these very small ponies have had little babies of their own. I have been told the correct word is "foals"

Now I am very determined to head on up to the farm soon and carry one of these wee baby "foals" in my arms. I believe it to be the right thing to do. For too long have humans been carried by horses. I would like to return the favour, and bring a bit of balance back to the world.

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