Saturday, October 24, 2009

in true life

The smaller they are, the more astounding the revelation.

One day as we walked in the long grass beside the stream, Wee Small was keeping a continuous flow of babble about all the kinds of things that were occupying her mind at that moment. Or at least that is how it appears to me. Wee Tiny and I walked beside her listening, or not listening as the case may be. Amongst all of this I caught the phrase 'in true life" - she was referring to "jumpolines" (aka trampolines; scientific equipment used in assisting the small ones in their goal to fly) and I wondered that if jumpolines exist "in true life" then what kinds of things did not occur "in true life." So I asked her.

With no hesitation Wee Small told me "monsters."
I was glad to know that Monsters do not exist in true life.
Wee Small was not glad that I had strayed off the point and got it straight back to jumpolines. The babble continued all the way home.


Martha said...

Just how small are Wee Small and Wee Tiny? I have some small girls of three who stay with me during the week whilst their mothers are at work teaching school.

One Small one was asked what to do if she found some matches and replied "Put them together!" She is not well educated on fire prevention but knows about matching socks, tiles, and colors.

TummyMountain said...

They are very small. Sometimes we say they are so small you can hardly see them at all.

Martha said...