Thursday, October 29, 2009

the correct way to have breakfast

Every now and then the hankering for bacon and eggs for breakfast occurs. I do believe that hankering is the correct word. I think the word "desire" for bacon and eggs would set us all off on the wrong course. I would save "desire" for chocolate cake. The little ones wouldn't save "desire" at all and would just get straight into the chocolate cake as soon as they could regardless of whether there was going to be bacon and eggs or anything else. And they definitely would not fuss about the word "hankering" with a mouth full of chocolate cake.

The real problem with the bacon and eggs was not so much the hankering, more the eggs. We needed more eggs. I suggested scrambling them, as adding the milk bulks it up a bit and no-one can really tell how many eggs they have anyway. Wee Tiny was against this idea and told me so loudly. She did not like scrambled eggs at all.

"But" I pointed out, even though I was sure I should not begin a sentence with 'but" I also felt the stronger neccessity of getting directly to the point of the problem without wafting along worrying about what were the correct words to use and when to use them.

"But when we eat bacon and eggs,you don't like eggs at all. You won't be eating them What does it matter to you how they are cooked"

Wee Tiny was not at all persuaded by my illogical point of view and settled they entire matter by going out on the swing saying loudly that she wanted porridge.

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