Sunday, September 20, 2009

on the land

I couldn't find a broom.

This is because The Little One and Wee Tiny had made it into a horse.

I wasn't looking for (but I would also have not found if I had been looking) a mop, all the string, the feather duster, the dinner table chairs, all of the outside furniture, a bucket, some of the stepping stones, and the step ups.

These had all become cows, pigs, dogs, cats, chickens and other farm animals with happy faces drawn on each and every one.

So another typical day on tummy mountain. I will have to make other arrangements for sweeping.

Quite unusually the little ones asked me to help them with a story for the farm. So I said that the farm belonged to Pete, who use to be a pirate but he got terribly seasick in that job and decided to be a farmer instead. The sheep were his crew - on account of how well they say "baa."

I thought that was quite creative and would tickle their imagination.

Wee Tiny told me I was silly.

The Little One told me they were growing clouds.

Well... maybe I will have to save Pete the Seasick Pirate for another day then.

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PaperTree Designs said...

what a fun mummy you must be.