Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A new adventure

We have been away from tummy mountain on an adventure. The adventure is tentatively titled:

"Little Ones in the Snow"

We could begin with the moment the little ones first saw the snow, on mountains much taller and spectacular than the small round ones at tummy mountain.

We could speak of the little ones composing their own little songs to these mountains which feature the lyrics "Look at the mountains HIGH" repeated ad infinitum.

Yet I feel that the excitement really begins with the Smallest of All sitting by the window seat in an aeroplane preparing to fly. The little ones have of course dedicated a lot of time to flying - running about with their arms flapping. Now their dreams were coming true, with just a small bit of assistance from a jumbo jet, where they would fly across the sky and through the clouds.

"Are we flying yet?" asks the Smallest of All.
"No, we haven't left the terminal yet" I reply.

The Smallest of All is by the window even though she is so small she cannot really see out of it.

"Are we flying yet?" asks the Smallest of All.
"You have only just asked me that."
"But are we flying yet??"

It has been my dream to take them to the snow for a long time now. I love the snow, but I am also worried that the little ones may not understand that it is quite cold, and it can be wet, and you can get a red nose and cold feet.

The plane begins to taxi away from the terminal and heads towards the runway.

"Now are we flying?" asks the Smallest of All.
"Believe me, you will know when we are flying."

Wee Tiny, being a bit taller (if that is possible) than the Smallest of All, helps her little sister by pointing at things out the window.

"Look at THAT!" exclaims Wee Tiny. A plane whooshes by and is gone.
"Where, what?!" cries The Smallest of All.

Our plane is now on the runway. It builds up speed. Everything is shaking. The plane lurches into the air and starts climbing up and up. It is quite thrilling. The ground drops away and the plane heads off over the ocean and then into a huge cloud. We emerge into a dreamy world of golden clouds in a pink sky. We are truly on our way now.

"Are we flying yet?" asks the Smallest of All.


Martha said...

Thank you for the smiles.

TummyMountain said...

Thanks Martha. I must really thank the little ones for providing the smiles.