Saturday, August 1, 2009

new places, new faces

The little ones have been away from tummy mountain visiting... well... visiting a new little one. Up on the high plain away to the south of tummy mountain their newly born cousin was gurgling to meet them.

So off we went.

After a few hours Wee Small commented that she never knew that there was an Earth so big. She must be used to some other smaller Earth - a garden sized Earth, about tummy mountain size.

The high plain is colder than tummy mountain, but not cold enough for snow. This was very disappointing to Wee Tiny. She wanted to make a snowman.

The little ones met their new baby cousin. She was very small. Smaller than Wee Small. Tinier than Wee Tiny. Being only a few weeks old she wasn't quite up to playing chasings or hide n seek yet. But she was up for cuddles and some big sleeps!

Then it was time to travel back over that big big Earth of Wee Small's until we made it back to our little Earth - the one around tummy mountain.

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