Saturday, August 22, 2009

the importance of a good education

The little ones don't go to school, but that does not stop them playing it. They see themselves as the great educators dispensing essential knowledge to all who will learn. What they need though, and sometimes cannot find, is a willing student. Today's student is the cat. Wee Tiny holds the cat while Wee Small turns the pages of a maths book. The cat does not seem to be focused on what 2 + 3 equals. The cat has a hunted look on its face and makes a break for freedom. Our teachers chase the student all over tummy mountain but he will not come back and tell them the answer. I think this behaviour will look bad on his report card.

Teachers are ever resourceful when dealing with misbehaving students. They have a foolproof plan to lure their student back to school. They are now dressing up as mermaids so that the cat thinks they are fish, and will come to them.

Out of the house rush two bumblebee fairies! Bumblebees?!? It seems the mermaid plan has changed. The little ones rush around the garden wiggling in the plants, pollinating them and having a wonderful time. The cat senses it is safe to come back.

The bumblebee fairies stare at the black cat. The cat stares back. The bumblebee fairies chase after him with strips of fabric. They have decided he needs yellow stripes to be a bumblebee fairy too.

School must be out for the day.

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