Monday, June 15, 2009

my heart wasn't in it

How I failed at the invisible birthday party.

Wee Small's invisible friend Daisy was having an invisible birthday party.

"How old is she?" asked Wee Tiny
"Five!" said Wee Small

I personally love invisible birthday parties. So much easier hanging up the decorations, serving the food. But this time it was just a bit too early in the morning for me. I usually like these things to happen after the sun has risen. Not so for the little ones though, the best time is always right now.

"How old is she?" asked The Little One
"Seven" said Wee Small

It was really cold outside. We waited for Daisy to arrive and then we gave her invisible birthday presents. Wee Tiny gave her an invisible fairy costume. I gave her "Invisible Twister" - that should be an interesting thought for the little ones to get their heads around. Wee Small told me that Daisy already has lots of Invisible Twister. I felt put in my place. Wee Small had given Daisy shoes as that's what Daisy needed. "Oh." I said.

We played party games. I wanted to go inside and have a cup of tea. Instead I made an elephant parade for elephants. The little ones added a turtle, a dolphin, and a snail to my elephant parade. It was no longer an elephant parade. I wanted to go inside and have a cup of tea and some toast.

It was time for the cake. "At last," I thought. Then I realised that I didn't know something crucial to the party. Something unforgivable.

"How old is she?" I asked.
"Two!" said Wee Small

The cake was served.

"Delicious" I said.

I was wondering how I would ask what flavour it was without upsetting the hostess. Luckily Wee Tiny came to the rescue with a very delicate and subtly phrased question to coax the answer out of Wee Small without hurting her feelings.

"What flavour is it?" asked Wee Tiny
"Carrot!" said Wee Small.

By this stage I felt I could not continue with my lacklustre effort any longer. It was time for the truth. And anyway it is at this stage that one can politely leave a party having gone through all the proper processes. So I said that I had to go. Wee Small grumpily grabbed an invisible lolly bag and whacked it into my lap. It was then that I knew that I had failed. My heart wasn't in it, and now it was over.

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