Sunday, June 21, 2009

the herd

Usually there is a time in the day when every little one has been fed and watered, and are outside playing, that a sense of calm returns to the tummy household. In such moments curling up on the couch with my friend the book and a cup of tea are blissful.

During one such moment the other day I was disturbed by an unusual sound. The distant roar of a waterfall, or was it an earthquake. It was the thundering of hooves.

Into the calm house burst a herd of unicorns! Their newly decorated cardboard horns glittering and sparkling with wet paint! Their tails festooned with shiny stickers dragging framed photos and bowls and other ornaments crashing onto the floor! Their beautiful faces highlighted with marker pens for the next week at least!

The herd stampeded through every room before magnificently leaping through the air and onto the couch! The sunlight shone on their flowing manes as once more they jumped over me and up onto the window frame that I tell them not to jump on every day of their lives for their own safety!

Startled by the angry monster, they cascaded down from on high and fled the house as a pack, never to be seen again.

All that was left for me to do was to clean up the spilled tea and find my place in my book.

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