Monday, May 4, 2009


I have been lying in bed all a-sniffles with the sun streaming in the window. Occasionally I moan when I require pampering. 

It is now time to return to my roles and responsibilities on tummy mountain.

In the meantime Little Boy from Yonder Valley has broken his toe. The facts surrounding this dramatic event are a bit obscure, but what I can ascertain is that it involved a billy cart,  a cape, and the nozzle off the water pump. He has been away recovering. 

The little ones decided to make a welcome home party for him. So much effort went into it and as the sun began to set it seemed like the guest of honour would not be coming. It was time to come inside.

Later in the darkness we could hear Little Boy! He had arrived. He wasn't going to let the night and the damp spoil his welcome home party - and maybe it was better and more exciting by candle light.

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