Sunday, April 5, 2009

the problem of choice

The little ones are putting on a play.
I love the theatre.
It seems I have a choice of entertainment.
I can choose between;

"The Kangaroos of Mt. Simfarin" (content unknown - unknown duration) or
"The Tea and the Snail" ( a snail approaches a cup of tea - duration 10 hours) or
"Neigh Neigh and the Field" (in which a pony eats grass in a field for 4 days - duration 4 days)

I really can't decide between "The Tea and the Snail" - which is sure to be tense, thrilling and just overwhelming with the anticipation of the snail actually reaching the tea, and what it will do then, or the sheer mystery ride of "The Kangaroos of Mt. Simfarin."

Much as I would love to I just don't have 4 days to watch "Neigh Neigh and the Field."


Wicked Child Designs said...

Maybe if you rent out Neigh Neigh when it comes to dvd. That way you can watch a bit of it each day for a month. Sounds kind of like the Twin Peaks dvd set, you really need a lot of time on your hands for that.

Let me know which one you choose hehe

xo Teneale

TummyMountain said...

ah yes Teneale, or maybe I could get it as an audio cassette and let subliminal messages seep into my brain as I sleep. I wonder what subliminal messages are to be found in the sounds of a pony chomping on grass.