Wednesday, April 1, 2009

little ones go camping: sand and stars

At the end of a long day running around and pretending to be different animals it was time to take the little ones on an adventure. As the sun set we left the forest and roamed up onto the big sand dunes. In the twilight it reminded The Smallest of All of her adventures on the moon. Big round hills of sand, grey in the night, and bathed with the golden glow of a handful of lanterns carried by the little ones.

We gather together on the largest and roundest sand dune (perhaps because it looks a bit like tummy mountain) to gaze at the stars. The Little One tells us she knows all about stars and points out the constellations to us. I was unaware that a particular cluster low in the western sky was "The Happy Pumpkin" and another to its right was "The Giant Egg." Directly above us was "The Socks."

I am unfamiliar with these and must brush up on my astronomy.

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