Thursday, April 2, 2009

little ones go camping: going home

After a few nights under the stars it is time to go home.
Especially as everything is covered in mud.
Clothes, sleeping bags, apples, toothbrushes...

I have never been somewhere so idyllic away from tummy mountain. The huge sand dunes rolling away into the haze of the distance, the dolphins leaping through the lazy waves, the tidal pools teaming with crabs, starfish, and other tiny marine life, the dappled light of the forest disguising the slow movements of huge reptiles searching for food, the blaze of light from the stars - a white river in the night sky. I would love to return.

The little ones loved the mud. They loved splashing in the mud, holding palm fronds behind them and squawking like bush turkeys, and running through the puddles. They also liked lying in the mud, and making mud pies. Everyone feels rejuvenated in their own way.

We shoulder our packs and head on home.

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