Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vote 1 Tummy: Day 5

As the cuteness campaign heads towards the finish line questions are beginning to be asked about some of the election pledges of the candidates. Under scrutiny some of their promises are looking a bit flimsy. In fact I am beginning to think that these little candidates are just saying anything to get themselves elected! Now that would destroy my faith in the democratic process.

Wee Small's promise of "a rabbit in every home" has not been costed at all. And what is her definition of home? Does that include bird nests? Ant hills?

The Tiny One's promise of a "free trip to the moon and stars" will possibly exhaust all the available sticky-tape in the treasury. In her defense she has stated that she has nearly finished making the balloon that will take them there.

Vote 1 Tummy
Ignoring bedtime forever.

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