Saturday, February 21, 2009

a piece of tummy mountain: chapter 3

Some may have thought that while the Cuteness election campaign was going on that this large artwork may have stopped. Alas no, as most of the little ones on tummy mountain were too busy playing to pay much attention to the elections.

There is an awful lot of grass on tummy mountain.
That is why we need big rabbits.
In documenting accurately the events that occur here I have to paint a lot of grass.

Now I can see them!

The river is always the most fun.

Though a good bit of play is fun too.


byrheea said...

This is sooooo cute!! Totally love your paintings.


Designers Emporium said...

oh my goodness....i have just found your blog via, and i feel like i am 4 years old gorgoeus! thanks for taking me back to that magical age!

TummyMountain said...

Thank you Rheea and Designers Emporium. All the little ones are asleep right now, but soon they will be up and the happy sounds of their playing will echo through the valley.