Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a landslide!

It's been a tight campaign and now the results of the "Cutest of All" election are in.

The little ones have come in twelfth!

"Twelfth?" says Wee Small "Is that a number?"
"Yes" says Wee Tiny, "It's really good. It goes One, Four, Twelfth, Eight, Nine, Eleventeen. "

Then they run out to play with the giant rabbit.

Vote 1 Tummy
Coming twelfth since this week.


BizzyB said...

Lloooyd...i voted for the little ones!! just wanted you all to know...that it was not because of me that they did not win!!!

Oh well...they are the cutiest in my book, if that matters at all in any way, shape or form!

hope to see you in the park...whilst drinking orange juice and collecting leaves, and eating chocolate...cake...that is!

ttys! bern

TummyMountain said...

Hi Bern,

Thank you for your support. Here on tummy mountain we are waiting for the dust to settle before we go back and analyse the campaign strategy.