Saturday, January 24, 2009

a piece of tummy mountain: chapter 1

One day I looked out the window and quickly sketched what the little ones were doing at that moment. But it is just too much for one big painting. So after it is painted I am going to tear it up into little pieces. That way everyone can have a little piece of tummy mountain. These will only be originals. I am not sure what the little bits will be called or what they are yet. Click on the big image to see it in more detail.

the big paper. it is so so big.

Here are some close up details of the action!

looking at ladybirds

everything is new

journey by cardboard box


Swirlyarts said...

Fab - it's great seeing the process of what happens when you draw :)

TummyMountain said...

The little ones can't wait until I rip it up into pieces!

Tabby Talk said...

can't wait to see the finished product! Tummy mountain makes me smile!!

TummyMountain said...

Thank you Tabby Talk. This picture may makes me snicker and giggle.