Monday, December 8, 2008

scientific research

Followers of the arcane and whimsical will realise at once that the high level and secretive nature of the tummy mountain laboratory's research programs are usually not made public. Though in this case a rare exception has been made.

The Small One, helped by Wee Little, has made startling progress in their quest to fly. Earlier attempts using the process of running whilst flapping the arms have been abandoned in favour of an "assisted" flight technique, in which a trampoline (also known as a "jumpoline") is used to create the initial sensation of take off!

Work is being undertaken by the boffins in the lab to propel these little ones further afield.


Sam said...

I love your work! You manage to capture the very essence of being little! It takes me back it does! How do you do that by the way!

Many thanks for your lovely drawings!

TummyMountain said...

Thank you Sam for your kind words! The little ones gather at your knees and hug them!

The secret to capturing the essence of being little is this;

we are very little