Thursday, July 31, 2008

prizes! prizes! prizes! crazyness!

the little ones at tummy mountain are in a competition with a prize!

scenes of mayhem! and hysteria!
running amok! arms akimbo! shouting slogans!

there is a tummy mountain print "dances with rabbits" for offer as a prize at:

the little ones have been all over the woolies-woolies blog. They are amazed at the desert pictures as they have never seen such things on tummy mountain.

wee small thinks the blog is run by two lambs called woolie and woolie.
wee small says they are sisters.


woolies said...

Well, there is only one big Woolie, but she makes lots and lots of littler (is that a word?) Woolies, and so the blog became woolies-woolies. As in, lots of woolies. See? sigh, so complicated. No sisters. I always wanted a sister.
And it is quite crazy in the desert. Read through my blog, you'll see pictures of javelinas and lizards and horses.....

Ruth said...

im sure small could pretend it was two baby lamb sisters :)

Egghead said...

I just found this site....I absolutely adore your things. I will be sure to be purchasing some of these for my home as well as gifts. So cute and sweet!